The Conditions for Domesticating a Great Dane


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Great Danes are one of the biggest domestic dog species today. Adult dogs of this breed can weigh up to 150 lbs and stand over 6 feet tall on their hind legs. However, this breed is also a gentle giant, rarely harming or biting people or other animals unless provoked or threatened. This breed is known for being quiet, calm, and extremely friendly. It is very easy to handle these large dogs as long as they are trained well.

Most important training for a Great Dane - Obedience

Given the sheer size and weight of the Great Dane, it is essential to train these dogs when they are still puppies. Adult dogs can also be trained, but it can be quite a challenging task as they already have certain habits, quirks, and ways of being that they have learned when young.The most important kind of training you need to give your Great Dane as early on in its life as possible is obedience training. Dogs, irrespective of breed, are pack animals and will always look for leaders and followers in any pack they join. As far as you go, you and your family are your dogโ€™s pack. If you do not teach them to be obedient early on, they see the absence of a leader in the pack and take on that role themselves.Letting your dog be a leader can lead to stubborn behavior and an inability to control the animal when required. This can become a major issue, especially in public if you are unable to restrain a large dog around other people.To avoid such issues, it is important to show your dog early on who is in charge and get them to learn that they need to respect and obey your commands. Your dog can relax and obey you knowing its pack has a leader and it does not have to make any decisions.

Tips for training and handling a Great Dane
  • Use treats only once in a while as a reward for listening to you so they do not expect it every time they obey you.
  • Be gentle and kind with this breed as they do not deal well with harshness and severe punishments.
  • Know that these dogs are instinctually protective of their pack and can be really brave in the face of danger. Ensure you let them know you trust the people youโ€™re around.
  • Socialize your dog early on so it is comfortable around other humans and dogs and does not get startled by sudden noises.

Great Danes can make wonderful guard dogs and companions as long as you give them the care, attention, and love they require. Do your research before getting this breed home so you know you have what it takes to manage and keep this breed safe and happy in your home.

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