Even Skin Allergies in Dogs Can't Come Between These BFFs

Even Skin Allergies in Dogs Can't Come Between These BFFs

Silky and Mystic may live together, but personality wise, the could not be more different. Mystic is a healthy Border Collie/Australian Shepherd firecracker while Silky is a Leonberger/Poodle/Shepherd mix that likes to nap more than anything else and suffers from food and

skin allergies

in dogs. They get along, but only insofar as Mystic lets Silky be when she has finally had enough.

Opposites Attract


True to her breed(s), Mystic is full of energy and smart as a whip. She can open doors, knows to wait before crossing the street, and is especially aware of her surroundings in general. She just learns incredibly fast.Silky, while still clever, has none of the energy that her sister does. โ€œShe doesnโ€™t like to play ball. She doesnโ€™t like to play with toys. She doesnโ€™t like to do any dog things,โ€ says her mommy, Julie, โ€œSilky is 100% lay-on-the-bed, donโ€™t-bother-me most of the day.โ€


Another stark difference between the two -- Mystic is healthy as a horse, while Silky suffers from a slew of life-threateningย allergies.From the moment she was adopted, Silky was not well. At first her intestines were twisted and gangrenous, which required immediate treatment. It was then that her owners discovered that she suffered from skin allergies in dogs, reactingย to a wide array of irritants; everything from grass and fleas to many different

kinds of food

.So while Mystic is your standard โ€œgo-anywhere, do-anythingโ€ kind of dog, Silky needs to be well looked after and requires a lot of special care. Everything from monthly allergy shots to hand-crafted,

allergen free food

are essential to keep Silky healthy.

How They Are The Same

While Silky and Mystic have drastically different health requirements, they are both covered by


, saving their owners a lot in pet health care. Everything from discounts on Silkyโ€™s booster shots to their

flea and tick medication

are helping Julie cut down on her pet care costs.

Whether your pet is fit as a fiddle or dealing with a serious condition, PetPlus is a great way to make sure they are healthy, happy, and protected while saving a considerable amount of money along the way.

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