Dognapped Puppy Rescued And Given Best Gift Of All

Dognapped Puppy Rescued And Given Best Gift Of All

Last week, a pair of teenagers ransacked the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center in Florida and stoleย a puppy. And while the shelter is working hard to make sure every dog in their care ends up leaving for a forever home, breaking and entering plus dognapping doesnโ€™t really put you in great standing in terms of being a viable candidate for adoption.
Photo Courtesy of Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center
Once shelter personnel were aware that the crime had transpired, they alerted the sheriffโ€™s department who reviewed the surveillance footage and made quick work of uncovering the dognapping duo. Turns out, if you use your own car forย the getaway and donโ€™t cover up your licence plate, the police are pretty good at connecting those dots. What makes this story so special is not the fact that two teenagers concocted a half-baked and reckless puppy heist. Actually, that whole part of the story is pretty โ€œon-brandโ€ for someone age 15-18.
Photo Courtesy of Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center
The special component is Deputy Jennifer Bordonaro, the officer called in to apprehend the suspects. It took her no time at all to find and arrest the two wannabe burglars and get the puppy back to the shelter - but the puppy didnโ€™t stay there long. After driving around with the adorable little pooch in her patrol car all day, Deputy Bordonaro seemed to grow a bit of an attachment to the fluffy ball of cuteness. So much so that, upon returning to the shelter, she started filling out forms to take the dog home herself.The pooch has since been named Stryker and is living it up in a loving forever home provided courtesy of Deputy Jennifer Bordonaro and the Hillsborough Sheriffโ€™s Department. Or, as the shelter so aptly wrote on their Facebook page โ€œWhile the perpetrators are in the doghouse, Stryker will be king of the hill in his new home.โ€Like this story? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more content like this.

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