Dog Rescued From 20-Foot Earth Crack at Volcanoes National Park

Dog Rescued From 20-Foot Earth Crack at Volcanoes National Park

Earlier this week at the

Volcanoes National Park

in Hawaii, a search-and-rescue team was called in to recover a chocolate Labrador, Romeo, who had fallen down into a 20-foot-deep crack in the earth.

What Happened?

The tragedy occurred a day earlier when Marta Caproni took two of her Labs, Romeo and Tommy, for an

off leash walk

in Volcanoes National Park. The two dogs were playing and running around when, before Marta knew what was going on, both of her dogs had taken off.She called for her dogs, but when only Tommy returned, Marta knew something was amiss.

She searched until sundown, but when her efforts proved fruitless, Marta headed home and decided to head out the next day.After what was likely a restless night, Marta retraced her steps and, as luck would have it, the faint sound of whimpering led her right to the location of her missing pooch. She peered down into the deep crevice and saw Romeo, looking frightened.

The Rescue

She contacted the park services who dispatched a team of park rangers to assess the situation. When they arrived at the crack, the team decided to send one of the rangers down into the hole to retrieve the retriever, lowering him into the hole with a rope and pulley system.The rescue went off without a hitch and before long Romeo was out of the crack and frantically giving kisses to everyone within reach.If there is anything to be learned here it is this - make sure you are very comfortable with your dog before letting them off leash, and even then understand that you are taking a risk. Our advice would be to only take your dog off leash if they are in a fenced in area, but if you must let your dog run free, please do so with caution.Want more stories like this? Follow us on Facebook




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