Dog Trapped in a Well, Rescued by Skinniest Firefighter

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Photo via Judy Hopkins

Illinois dog

 plunged 23-feet down a well 

before landing in 14-feet of cold water. Doogie, an 8-year-old Goldendoodle, paddled in circles for about 90 minutes before rescuers were able to hoist him to safety.At around 10:30 am on Saturday, Doogie's owner, Judy Hopkins, let him out to roam the yard when he ran to greet a repairman working on the well. That's when the excited pup took his disastrous tumble.The worried owners quickly called for help. Soon, 10 firefighters arrived and set up a tripod over the well. They lowered a gas monitor to check oxygen levels and for any noxious fumes.

Photo via Judy Hopkins
Photo via Judy Hopkins

Once they determined that it was safe for Doogie and his rescuers, they lowered the "skinniest guy on the force" into the well, according to Chief Mike Skowera. Firefighter Kyle Cammati rappelled down the well and was able use a body recovery bag to bring Doogie to safety.“We were just ecstatic,” Arch Hopkins said. “I was quite concerned we had lost our wonderful dog.” Hopkins told ABC News that Doogie is "a very gentle, playful dog and has free reign of the yard."Skowera reports that Doogie was on dry land by noon. “He got out of the bag, shook off the water and was running around... he was in good shape considering how bad he fell.”After being examined by a veterinarian, Doogie trotted away from the incident with just a scratch on his lip and eye.

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