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Your puppy needs its moisturizer. The best ones are all-natural and are made from organic ingredients. The best ingredients must be used as puppies tend to lick its tows after you apply any paw balm. Moisturizers for dogs are proven to heal and soothe serious instances of dry paws. Hyperkeratosis is an example.

Tough paws are not good.

For dogs, dry or cracked paw pads could be ubiquitous. It is so common that many dog owners frequently ignore the presence of rough paw pads. They assume it is reasonable to see "tough" paws. The truth is not a happy one. Dry pads are frequently vulnerable to abrasions, irritation, and soreness. Canines love to lick dry or irritated paws. This gives rise to multiple secondary issues. A few common reasons exist as to why the foot pads of your dog could be dry and rough. Allergies are one of the more commoner reasons for such an occurrence. This happens if the canine in question is allergic to something specific in its immediate environment. The allergies could be related to an innocent presence, like the food you offer to your dog, or the cleaning products you use to keep the floors squeaky clean. The allergies could also emanate from something much more severe, like the dog coming in contact with any harsh chemical.

Multiple causes

Dry paws can also be the result of hyperkeratosis. It is a condition where the paw pad produces an excess amount of keratin. This causes paws to become cracked. Another cause of dry paws is simply natural wear. They are tough but far from invincible. The paws of dogs are not designed for synthetic surfaces like asphalt or hot concrete. There could be multiple reasons for your dog suffering from dry paws, like running on hot sands to walking on asphalt on a blazing summer day.

Zinc deficiency is yet another reason for dry dog paws. A few breeds are more susceptible to this condition. If you have adopted a dog of the German Shepherd, Husky, Great Dane, and Beagles breed, then you must be extra cautious of your four-legged friend suffering from this condition. The paw coil also becomes dry if the dog frequently chews its legs. After some time, the paws get damaged and dry. Some dogs have naturally sensitive paws which are prone to dryness and cracking. You must not ignore dry paws in your dog. It is easy to tell whether its dry paw inconveniences your dog: the animal constantly licks the affected part. Remember that dry paws are more vulnerable to injury. Cracks could turn so bad that they could peel to form sores. An infection could be the end result. Apply moisturizer as quickly as possible so that such a scenario does not happen.

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