Does Your Cat Vomit All the Time? New Diagnosis Could Hold Answers, Treatments



The cat who upchucks one a pretty regular basis has long been viewed as "normal." Cleaning up is a nuisance, sure, but many vets and pet parents alike have shrugged off the

common cat stomach upset as just a " cat thing," and therefore not fixable. for two vets that answer would no longer suffice.ย gary d. norsworthy, dvm, dabvpย andย jen olson, dvm, performed tests for several years and found a new diagnosis:>

Chronic Small Bowel Disease: Could Your Cat Have It?

Nearly 300 cats involved in the research showedย "that chronic small bowel disease presents as chronic vomiting, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, or a combination of these," the

pair of vets said

."We are able to help cats that were here-to-fore doomed to a lifetime of disease that we did not know how to diagnose or treat," Norsworthy and Olson stated, adding that they hope their findings will spark vets at practices everywhere to look into the diagnosis and treatment options.If you've been attributing your cat's frequent vomiting or hairballs toย 

eating too fast, having a " sensitive stomach," or just "being a puker," you may want to talk to your vet about chronic small bowel disease. immunosuppressive medications, special diets, and>probiotics might help.  href>probiotics might help. >
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