Photographer Proves Old Dogs Still Cute



With their salt-and-pepper muzzles, increasingly docile attitudes, and achy joints,ย senior dogs still have plenty of love to give their owners. These seasonedย pooches love to lounge around on the couch for hours, but won't hesitate to wag their tailsย when you walk into the room - especially if they are taking a supplement likeย 


ย to increase their mobility.It's probably this old-soul appeal that attracted Canadian photographer Peter Thorne to his latest project. Mashable reported that he was bored with the standard cute puppy images, which led him to his new collection, titled "Old Faithful." Thorne started by

photographing a friend's graying pooch named Sprout

and posted flyers around his hometown to advertise the portfolio. Soon, dog owners were calling to bring their pooches to his studio."Old Faithful" has now grown to include more than 50 photos of senior dogs, and Thorne regularly updates his album on both Facebook and Instagram. But the project has come to mean more to him over time."I thought I would simply photograph some old dogs, choose the ones that look like caricatures of old guys and gals, and that would be it. It wasn't until I started hearing about dogs that I had photographed passing away and having their owners notify me, telling me about their loss, that I realized just how significant and close people become with their pets," Thorne told Mashable.Everyone holds their canines close to their hearts, and maintaining

dogs' health

is critical to prolonging their lives.

Taking care of senior dogs

Thanks to advanced veterinary care and enhanced supplements, owners can ensure that their furry friends live long and healthy lives. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association,

older pooches can develop numerous problems

that also affect elderly humans, such as



heart disease

, diabetes,


and muscle weakness.The best way to keep your senior dog strong and happy is to talk with your veterinarian about various treatments that are available, like taking


to manage joint pain. Older pooches require more attention, changes in diet and possible upgrades to your home, such as ramps for getting on the couch orย rugs to prevent them from slipping.The AVMA recommended that older pets have semi-annual veterinary visits to ensure that any signs of injury or illness can be caught early and treated as soon as possible. Pet owners should sign up for


to purchase discounted supplements that can enhance their canines' health.

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