Does Your Cat Like Music

Does Your Cat Like Music

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Some music CDs are engraved especially for cats. A few animal shelters play classical music to calm the feline species. It is apparent most cats like music. It is still a mystery as to why cats love music. The same question can be asked for humans as well. Scientists are still divided on the issue of cats having aesthetic sensibilities.

Imprint from birth

Cats, similar to humans, can respond to sounds from birth. This ability is crucial to survive in both species. Pleasing sounds can change the mood. Music can also be used for their amusement. This auditory stimulation has far-reaching effects.All animals, regardless of species, respond to auditory stimulus in similar ways. A sudden sound will frighten both humans and animals. Cats are no exception. Conversely, a steady sound like a light breeze or gentle rain soothes the mind. Both cats and humans are accustomed to the voices spoken by respective species and sometimes cross species. Nature sounds like the singing of birds and chirping of crickets are natural and non-frightening. The same can be said of a cat's purr and meow. Music composers utilize such common experiences to write new music. Contemplation is conveyed by a ballad, and a stimulation by a cymbal clash. A repetitive mantra could be hypnotic. Resolution and tension are created by the rise and fall of volume. It is noted that cats respond like humans to such sounds. This is the reason animal shelters play Beethoven but not AC/DC. Even faster classical pieces are not played.

Better ears

Cats have ears which are far more sensitive to sounds and have a longer range. Its whiskers can detect the littlest air movement. A feline could sense subtle variations. Some scientists believe your cat could even sense changes in electromagnetic fields. It is apparent cats could be more primed to music compared to humans. They can, however, be picky about their music. Scientists are divided on the subject of cats having favorite music pieces. Research goes on whether a cat loves a certain music what it heard when it was a kitten?One thing is certain: cats form the strongest bond with music during their adolescent years. The felines, similar to humans, journey through multiple stages of cognition. It is known that the first two weeks of a cat's life influence its behavior and attitude for the whole life. Like humans, cats comprehend when music is out of tune. This is similar to even a non-musician figuring out that something is off with the music being played. It is thought cats pick up happy vibes from humans when happy music is played. Some composers have written music, especially for cats. They created it from music samples which were known to be a favorite of felines.

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