Do you have an Afghan Hound Here's how to care for it


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Afghan hounds are special creatures. Dogs are famously known for being manโ€™s best friend and thatโ€™s the truth. They are lovely creatures and theyโ€™re loyal till the end. Theyโ€™re energetic, playful, mischievous, and are guaranteed to keep us young at heart. Dogs are simply a joy to behold. These amazing creatures are like blessings to mankind. And there are lots of them. There are small ones and big ones, there are hairy ones and smooth ones. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes.Afghan hounds are really amazing dogs with great qualities. One of these qualities is their long and silky hair. Their hair is what makes them so attractive (other than their playful and warm character of course). While the hair does look appealing, it takes a lot of special care and attention to maintain. If you treat it with care, youโ€™ll find that an Afghan houndโ€™s hair is like a show stopper wherever you go.

How to take care of your Afghan houndโ€™s hair
  1. Get him a hood.Although it seems really complicated at first glance, taking care of an Afghan houndโ€™s coat is not all that difficult. Like with everything else in life, practice makes perfect. The most popular method of caring for your Afghan houndโ€™s coat is to get him a hood. They can be found in specialist pet stores. The hood serves to keep the Afghanโ€™s long ears clean. Their ears are so long that they sometimes even get into the dogโ€™s food bowl while they eat. Slip on the hood before meal times to make sure that your Afghan houndโ€™s ears are perfectly protected and away from the bowl of food.
  2. Bathe himThe number of times you bathe an Afghan hound depends primarily on the place he lives. IF he lives in a tropical place where the humidity is high and there are more plants and dirt for him to roll around in, heโ€™ll need to be bathed more often. But bathing him once or twice a month should be enough. This is true with any dog. However, there are some special things that you need to do after you give your Afghan hound a bath. Youโ€™ll have to carefully blow dry his hair, preferably with a hairdryer, and brush it very thoroughly. Hair that retains moisture is more prone to developing tangles and knots. If you want to take extra care of your dogโ€™s coat, you can choose to also visit a dog grooming salon to straighten out his hair.
  3. Brush himYou can keep up his shiny coat through frequent and thorough brushing. Youโ€™ll have to use a certain type of brush. Ask your vet to recommend one for you. Avoid brushes that could scratch his skin.Afghan hounds are not awfully difficult to take care of, as long as you know what youโ€™re doing, youโ€™ll be fine. They have very sharp instincts and are fiercely loyal. They are a joy.
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