Do Mixed Breed Dogs Have an Advantage Over Purebred Dogs?

Do Mixed Breed Dogs Have an Advantage Over Purebred Dogs?

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If thereโ€™s a debate that has no strong conclusion, itโ€™s this one. Dog lovers and experts have extensively argued about which dogs are better - mixed breed dogs or purebred dogs. Some experts recommend mixed breed dogs because of their disposition to adapt easily to their surroundings. Further, mixed breed dogs are typically sold at a much lower rate than purebred dogs, especially when bought from a dog shelter.

However, this may not always be the case. Some mix breeds can be incredibly expensive. This is usually the case when two breeds are intentionally mixed, which is how it is with Puggles (Pug + Beagles) and Labradoodles (Labrador + Poodle). Even when adopting from a shelter, you have to consider the extra costs associated with spay/neuter and vaccination fees, and other such small fees. But most dog owners overlook this additional cost because it can never compare to the warm satisfaction of having saved a dogโ€™s life.

Many canine experts recommend mix breeds because they have very low chances of being born with congenital defects. This is because the breeding process naturally excludes defective genes, leaving you with a mostly healthy pet.

However, there are experts who suggest that adopting a mix breed isnโ€™t the best of ideas. It could affect logistics. For instance, you canโ€™t always recognize the ancestry of a mix breed. In this case, you canโ€™t be certain if the pup you adopt will stay small or grow much larger. You may live in an apartment building that doesnโ€™t have enough space for a large dog, in which case you may have to give away your mix breed after heโ€™s grown too big for the space.

On the other hand, you can tell exactly how big a purebred is going to get. You can also predict its health requirements and defects if any, and what itโ€™s behavior may be like. This predictability is exploited even more by responsible breeders who pair purebreds based their temperament and physical stature. Some breeders even go as far as to get genetic test results when choosing suitable mating pairs. If this is the level of pre-mating prep, the purebred you get is likely to grow into a healthy, well behaved and intelligent dog without major hiccups.

Either way, you can control the temperament and health of any breed, pure or mixed, using todayโ€™s technology. Mixed breeds do not automatically guarantee better health and behavior. They may require genetic screening and selecting mating too.

So, when choosing to bring a dog into your life, ask yourself what type of companion you want. Based on the answer to this question, you can narrow down the breeds (pure or mixed) that could be the right match for you.

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