Do Dogs Love Us Back? New Study Might Surprise You



Uncovering theย science of the bond between you and your pet

We've all looked into our dogsโ€™ eyes and wondered what theyโ€™re thinking. Are they happy? Sad? Hungry? Are they even really thinking anything at all? Regardless of what we may feel our dogs may be thinking, it seems like they love us no matter what. They lick our faces, bark and wag their tails when we come home, and take any chance they can to be by our sides. That has to be love, right?

shutterstock_200869715Well as it turns out, it is

! A report published last week in the journal


suggests that there definitely is a strong love fueled bond between us and our dogs. The study asked dog owners to stare into their dogโ€™s eyes for an extended period of time with scientists measuring levels of oxytocin in both owner and dogโ€™s eyes before and after the experiment. Oxytocin is the hormone typically associated with trust, social bonds, and emotional connection. Therefor, when the scientists found higher oxytocin levels in both ownersโ€™ and dogsโ€™ after the eye-contact experiment, it suggests that our dogs really do love us back!It looks like a dog really is manโ€™s best friend and now we have the science to prove it.

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