Do Cats Need Attention?

Do Cats Need Attention?

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At first glance, it may seem that cats have no need for attention. This is not at all accurate. The kitties do not belong to those animal species which you only have to feed to keep them healthy. They actually require more attention than comparable mammals like mice, rabbits, and hamsters. As a cat owner, you must do more than filling up its food and water bowls. Cats require stimulation, like exercise and a chance to refresh their hunting instincts every day. In short, cats need to socialize.

Do not be misled if your cat is not compatible with your other pets. Sometimes, a cat may not gel with other cats too. This does not mean your cat dislikes the company. Since each cat is unique, it depends on a specific cat as whether it craves for attention or a slight pat on the head will do.

Indoor cats

You will not be surprised to listen that indoor cats need more attention than those felines who roam around everywhere. This is as outdoor cats automatically get more attention than indoor ones. The attention can come from neighbors or other humans who love cats. Your outdoor cat may also get its attention from other cats. Your indoor cat, in contrast, can only get attention from you. It is your responsibility to give it maximum attention.

If you are not present at home, then things could get quite lonely for your indoor cat. If you travel a lot, get a second cat for companionship. If you do not want to spend more on kitty maintenance, then be prepared to pay more attention to your cat.

Need for attention

Before you jump in to give your cat attention, try to comprehend whether your kitty needs your love at that time or not. The meaning of cat behavior depends on the context. To give an example, your cat will purr when it is happy and it will purr when it is injured or anxious as well. It is possible to understand whether your cat seeks attention if you carefully follow its behavior.

A number of reasons exist when it comes to your cat seeking attention. The feline may feel sick and trying to tell you it is not well. It will meow constantly if it is hungry and it wants you to give it food. The list of other reasons includes of it being bored and you are the only entertainment source available. It may also be possible that your kitty has excess energy and wants to play with you. Another reason is that your cat could simply be an attention seeker. If you feel tired at the end of the day, consider investing in a few cat toys.

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