Caring for a Sphynx cat

Caring for a Sphynx cat

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A Sphynx cat is a hairless feline known for its intelligence and affectionate qualities. It is also playful, making it a much-coveted cat.ย  Sphynx cats and kittens possess a fine coat of hair on their bodies and even a few hairs on their paws, outer ears, nose, or tail. The tactility of the skin is similar to that of chamois. Many owners term it as like rubber. A few people are found to be allergic to sphynx cats. It is crucial that you must ensure that you or any member of your household is not allergic to such breed of cats. Aย  sphynx cat gets well with other pets, and two sphynxes are better than one. Do note thatย  Sphynx cats and kittens need lots of attention and pet shops insist that you buy a pair of sphynxes rather than one.

Colors and warmth

The  Sphynx cat comes in a large variety of patterns and colors as found in the kitty world. There could be bi-color, pointed, tabby, and mink sepia. The color of the cat is not restricted to its fur, but also pushes down to the skin pigmentation as demonstrated by this breed of cat. The  Sphynx cats enjoy a standard lifespan and are generally free from common health problems. Most sphynx cats have lived to their full span into the twenties. The adult sphynx female cat could weigh anywhere from six to eight pounds and males may weigh any number between eight and 10 pounds.

Like other cats, it is essential to keep the sphynx cat warm. The level of warm depends on your comfort level. The thumb rule is that if you are comfortable naked in the house, then your cat is comfortable as well. Similar to wrapping a blanket around you when you are cold, the  Sphynx cat would find a place to keep itself warm like under covers or in a sunbeam. Many cats go for an enclosed pet bed. Most sphynx owners keep heating pads, or blankets turned on a low setting so that their kitty would be comfortably warm.

Giving the sphynx a bath

It is essential to bath yourย  Sphynx cat. The frequency depends on the specific kitty. A few sphynx cats generate higher quantities of oil and must be bathed more than those cats which produce oil in less amounts. You can bath yourย  Sphynx cat once in two months or fewer in a year if the cat produces minimal oil. Experts recommend that you give your sphynx a bath once a month. Use zymox shampoo as the starting point. The schedule can be altered to satisfy the requirements of your specific sphynx. Baby wipes can be used between bath times.

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