Can Cats Eat Bacon


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Among epicures, bacon occupies a high pedestal. It is described by many as the epitome of perfect food: the smell brings saliva to the mouth and the meat is a heavenly combination of juiciness and crunch. If you love bacon, you may have wondered whether it is okay to offer your cute furball some?

Bacon is permitted

The short answer is yes. Your kitty can eat bacon. There is a caveat though: it must only be a treat. Cats require meat in their diets as they are obligate carnivores. Your kitty will find bacon delicious. It is however best offered as a treat and not on a regular basis. The reason is the same as for humans: this meat has high salt saturation.

One small bacon strip has lots of sodium, in the region of 137.7 milligrams. This is almost ten times daily recommended intake for cats. Your normal cat food contains all the sodium your kitty requires and there is no need to give your furball any extra sodium. Too much sodium, to the contrary, could be a deterrent. If your cat consumes extra salt, it can suffer a number of health impediments like high blood pressure, dehydration, clogged blood vessels, obesity, and salt poisoning.


Other than the salt, bacon is also extremely fatty. Since it is cut from the pig's belly, these pieces are enclosed in fat and many times cooked with the fat still stuck with the strip. This fat is unhealthy, especially for small animals like cats. This remains valid for all kinds of bacon, including Turkey bacon which is frequently believed to be a healthier alternative. Even Turkey bacon has high concentrations of sodium and grease which could be harmful to the health of your cat. Excess fat in your kitty's diet will result in obesity and multiple digestive issues, along with serious health complications.

You can feed your cat raw bacon. It must be raw and not be cured. Fresh meat makes a better alternative. Ensure that the utensils used to cut the meat are clean, including the knife and the cutting board. The cat bowl must be clean. To put in a nutshell, bite-sized and completely cooked bacon makes for an occasional kitty treat. Under no circumstances, you should give your cat bacon every day. If you want to give your cat raw bacon, consult your veterinarian. Excess quantities of bacon are not preferable due to the high fat and salt contents of the meat. Large amounts of this meat may result in high blood pressure and obesity. There could even be salt poisoning. You are better off buying foods specially made for cats and sold in the cat store. It is perfectly alright, however, to offer your kitty some bits of bacon as treats.

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