Dealing With Stubborn Dogs


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Many owners complain about their dogs not listening to them. The truth, as an expert dog trainer will tell you, is that there is nothing like a stubborn dog. People mislabel untrained dogs as stubborn dogs.

Exciting Surroundings

Dogs may act infuriatingly stubborn especially when there are guests around. This is due to distraction as its mind is occupied with more exciting things which are much more interesting than your commands. It means you have not trained it well, and thus it's your fault- not your dog's. Too much excitement means the canine will not even sit. It will jump and run around. One aspect of dog training is to make the animal focus on a certain task and disregard others at that time.

Many dogs pull on the leash, making you feel that it is much easier to let your dog free of the restriction. If you do not want to do that, it will be much easier to give it the benefit of the slack leash. A minimal length leash is not good for the dog. This is due to two reasons- the first is that the dog expends a large amount of energy as it constantly pulls on the leash and the second is the condition would be extremely uncomfortable. The leash pushes against the neck muscles and the trachea. No wonder you should invest in a longer leash. Even then many dogs continue to pull. This is not as it is stubborn. It is simply a case of over-excitement. Your dog cannot wait to discover the new scents which it discovers at every step. It wants to add its own scent. In short, your dog is too excited to walk.


Do not berate your dog for being stubborn all the time. This is due to it being over-excited for the most part of the time. Whatever you do, the dog must not be blamed for your mistakes. It was your duty to teach your dog that it can go anywhere and all it requires is a little patience. Assure it your actions that you will not stop your dog from doing anything as long as it is not destructive.

You could easily train an untrained dog through a mix of discipline and treats. When you feel you are ready to begin, get some treats which your dog loves, like its favorite food. Take these treats and your clicker for a walk. After stepping out of the front door, wait for your dog to stop and look towards you. Do not say anything. Just stand in silence. When the dog looks back towards you, click and then treat. Take a few steps and when the leash feels tight, stop. Repeat the above process and walk again. The dog will get the message.

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