Dangers For Your Pet That Could Be Lurking In Your Lawn

Dangers For Your Pet That Could Be Lurking In Your Lawn

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Pets love playing outside. They love the freedom, the fresh air, and the sunlight. Most homeowners keep their lawns well-manicured and clean. Even so, there are some things that could be a danger to your unsuspecting pet. You might have some plants that your pet might be allergic to. Here are a few dangers that could show up in your yard and can be a hassle to get rid of.

  1. Sago PalmsThese beautiful palms that increase the aesthetic appeal of any home can be harmful to people and animals alike. When ingested, it can even be fatal! As a human, you know better than to eat Sago Palms for lunch but your pets donโ€™t know better. They might find the palms appealing and sniff around it for a snack. There is a toxin called cycasin found in the plant that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even death.
  2. Wild MushroomsThe mushrooms that grow in your garden may not always be edible. So next time you go searching for ingredients to your salad, make extra sure that the mushrooms you pick wonโ€™t be harmful to you. Some types of mushrooms like the Amanita Ocreata can be fatal if ingested.
  3. Atropa BelladonnaThe Belladonna is an aesthetically pleasing flower but donโ€™t let its beauty fool you. It can be deadly when ingested. It has two very different meanings. The Atropa Belladonna means โ€˜beautiful ladyโ€™ in Italian. But it can also be dubbed as the โ€˜deadly nightshadeโ€™. A simple touch can cause side effects such as blisters.
  4. Poison OakThese are three-leaf plants that are pretty hard to distinguish. Keep a lookout for these to protect both you and your pets from fatal consequences. It has an oil which contains a compound known as urushiol. Mere contact with the plant can cause severe itching and dermatitis. Get rid of these pesky plants before your pets or children have a go at it.
  5. Angelโ€™s TrumpetThe smallest amount of this seemingly harmless plant can cause intense hallucinations. When consumed in larger quantities, these plants can cause irregular heart rhythms, hyperthermia, and can even be fatal. Keep a look out for these plants also known as the Datura stramonium.
  6. Stinging NettleThe plant does exactly what it promises when you come into contact with it. You will experience a stinging sensation if youโ€™re handling these devious plants without the use of proper protection. The plant has minute hairs on its leaves which can cause itching when it comes into contact with your skin.
  7. Castor BeanThe castor bean has a very attractive red color. That is no indication of its capabilities. Most beautiful things are deadly and if youโ€™re not careful, it can hurt you. The seeds of the castor bean contain large volumes of a toxin called โ€˜ricinโ€™ which was literally used in wars as a bioweapon.

You can never be sure about everything thatโ€™s in your backyard. Make sure nothing that can bring harm to you or your pets are planted in your garden.

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