Baby Cow Saved from Slaughter, Now He Thinks Heโ€™s a Dog

Baby Cow Saved from Slaughter, Now He Thinks Heโ€™s a Dog

Inside the home of Shaylee Hubbs, chances are good that there is a a four-legged babyย making himself comfortable on her sofa or frolicking around the backyard with his Great Dane buddy, Leonidas. What may not be clear is that this fuzzy snugglebug will one day grow up to be 1,500 pounds and eat 24 pounds of hay every day. Meet Goliath - the cow who thinks he is a dog.
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Goliathโ€™s Amazing Rescue

When you are born a cow, life does not have a lot of happy endings. You either spend your life giving birth and producing milk, or you are raised in a pen until you are deemed fit for the slaughterhouse. However, once in a blue moon a cow manages to get set free from this depressing life cycle. Enter Shaylee Hubbs - the amazing teenager who persuaded her family to adopt the poor calf.

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Shaylee HubbsWhen they first saw Goliath at the dairy farm, he was malnourished, weak, and barely able to stand. He was so frail that, even considering his large size, one could easily pick him up and walk around with him. The Hubbs family took him back to their home where they bottle fed the calf back to full health. Not only that, but thanks to the Hubbsโ€™ Great Dane Leonidasโ€™ caring nature, little Goliath had someone to emulate and look up to.
Photo via Shaylee Hubbs
And while it is definitely in everyoneโ€™s best interest that Goliath take his cues from the family dog, the impression that he left of Goliath does have some interesting side effects.For example, seeing Goliath chase after balls or take nibbles from the dog bowl are not uncommon occurrences around the Hubbs household. Not to mention how he will routinely plop himself down on the couch and wait for a nice scratch behind the ear.
Photo via Shaylee Hubbs
And while this behavior is undeniably adorable, we here cannot wait to see what happens when Goliath grows up. Have you ever had a half-ton animal try to climb into your lap? Things could get interesting. If you like stories like this, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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