Dancing dogs

Dancing dogs

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You have seen your dog dance to its favorite music. It is quite common in dogs. In fact, if you watch closely, you can see your dog dancing in a certain manner to a specific beat. Animal behaviorists are still to figure this puzzle out. They have a lot of theories, from dogs being hypersensitive when it comes to low frequencies to a few specific changes in the ear of a dog.

Dog's hearing frequency is more

Every dog has a personality of its own, just like humans. Although it varies from one dog to another, a large proportion of these animals respond to the music of particular genres. No wonder a large number of dog owners keep the stereo or the TV on when they go out, and the animal is left alone in the house. Many animal behaviorists believe that such actions could develop a musical taste in your dog. The effect tends to be maximized when the same music gets repeated. Many companies have now produced music exclusively for your dog's pleasure. This music takes advantage of the broader range of hearing enjoyed by your dog.

If you are in doubt as to whether your dog is listening to music or not is to change the tempo of the piece. Do this in the song's middle. In case there is a sudden change in the dog's behavior at the time of the music shift, it will be clear that the dog locks in with the perceived rhythms. It was conclusively proved by research that dogs can exhibit the physical symptoms of the perceived rhythm. The tails will wag in time. There is no doubt that dogs can actually enjoy music.


Dogs are one of a few species of animals that can understand a kept beat. Although this ability is rare, you must not discourage it in your dog. The only exception will be if the habit is seen as an annoying one. Canines can suffer from anxiety if they hear certain sounds. This is one major factor which owners must really take into account before allowing their dogs to music. Brass instruments and other harsh sounds can be extremely unpleasant to your dog. Any music with a high volume or treble may aggravate your canine. These kinds of music may permanently damage the dog's hearing if listened to in high decibels. This is why you should pay close attention to the signs that your dog gives you. As a dog parent, you should pay careful attention to its actions. A dog is the best judge of other dogs. You can buy your dog a couple of doggie earmuffs. This sits comfortably on anyone's head. Sounds get dampened to the tune for 20 decibels.

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