7 Reasons We Are Thankful for Our Pets



1. They're always happy to see us.

Have you ever met a dog who wasn't happy when you got home? Some cats can seem more aloof, but we know they love us, too. My cat growing up,


, would come running home the minute I got home from school.

2. They love us for who we are.

A pet doesn't care how much money you make or if you're a super-star at work, or even how many friends you have and if you're going to the hottest party. They just want your lap to lay in and your hands to pet them.

3. They keep us calm and happy...

...and even reduce our risk for heart disease. According to theย 

American Heart Association

, "Owning pets may be associated with lowerย blood pressureย andย cholesterolย levels, and a lower incidence of obesity."

4. They keep us to a schedule.

Feeling down and planning to just lay in bed all day? Nothing will keep you up and about and from feeling sorry for yourself like a pet. They won't forget mealtimes, or when it's time to go for a walk, and who can be cranky when those tails start wagging as you serve up their food?

5. They teach us about relationships.

Nothing beats feeling loved. What if all your friends greeted you like your dog does? Now, think about how you can treat all your friends and family with that same enthusiasm (maybe minus the slobber). You'll be everyone's favorite guest in no time.

6. They remind us that it's the simple things that make your day.

Just watch a dog go nuts for their own tail, or a cat chase a dust mote. When was the last time you were so easily pleased? Take a note from your pet's book and enjoy the simple pleasures.

7. They can be hilarious.

Need proof? Check out these dogs dancing from



Why are you most thankful for your pets?

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