Dachshund Becomes Guardian for Paralyzed Cat, Won't Leave Her Side



Ruth and Idgie. Photo from Facebook.

Meet Idgie and Ruth. An unlikely duo, Idgie the Dachshund and Ruth the paraplegic cat became fast friends on the streets of Osteen, Florida, where they were first found by Animal Services -- abandoned, but not alone.

From the moment they were picked up, it was clear that their relationship was something special.

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Named after the main characters from Fried Green Tomatoes, because of the strength of their relationship, Ruth and Idgie quickly became known as a package deal. Idgie would grow?restless and anxious when taken away from Ruth, wanting to be around to protect her.

?They are pretty much inseparable,? says Jacqueline Borum, operating partner of Hollywood Houndz, the pet supply store that adopted the pair. Since their adoption, Idgie and Ruth have become local celebrities, receiving a number of visitors every day and almost non-stop attention from the staff.

Friends for Life

While they may be making up for lost time on the human interaction front, they certainly haven?t forgotten where their loyalties lay.

?When Idgie gets a new toy, she always takes it over to the cat, Ruth, and they pretty much share everything,? says Borum. And anytime a new dog comes into the scene, Idgie is there to make sure that her feline pal is well protected.

Though the root of Ruth?s disability remains a mystery, she does not let her mobility issues keep her down -- she is quite playful with Idgie and

can be a regular live wire if she gets riled up. Nevertheless,?Project PAW

is working to raise the money to get Ruth the neurological exam she needs in order to find out if her condition is treatable.

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