Common Dog Behavior Issues

Common Dog Behavior Issues

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Dogs can be the best pets ever. Their unending and unconditional love for their human counterparts makes them a favorite of many. However, sometimes our canine friends can resort to some rather disruptive behavior which seems less friendly than usual. There might be many reasons that might cause these behavioral issues. This article talks about some of the most commonly spotted behavioral issues in dogs and what causes them.


Aggression is one of the most common signs of pet behavioral issues. Animals use aggression as a way to mark their territory, protect their offspring and to protect themselves. But if none of these reasons apply to your pet and they are still being aggressive, then it might be something you should look into. Aggression can include everything from warning signs from your dog in the form of snarls and barks to open attacks. Pet parents often find it difficult to deal with pet aggression and consult behaviorists, vets, and trainers to resolve this problem.


Dogs generally whine when they are seeking your attention. It is their most sought after appeasement technique. They also indulge in whining when they are excited or dealing with separation anxiety. Excessive whining might be a sign of separation anxiety where your dog or pup is scared of being left alone. They might show some other signs as well, such as pacing, destructive chewing, excessive drooling and urinating indoors. Dogs also whine when they are in pain. So if you think your pet is suffering from a health condition or is hurt, it is best to consult a vet, just to make sure.


Excessive barking is again a sign of a behavioral issue with your pet. Barking as such does not constitute a problem. However, if you find your dog barking for no reason whatsoever, then it might be a sign of some underlying health issue. If a dog learns that barking gets it what it wants, then it increasingly becomes a habit for the dog to use it for its benefit. They might then start barking for


, to go for walks or when they want to


. Knowing the type of your dogโ€™s bark can help you ascertain if it is normal pet behavior or if it is culminating into a behavioral issue.

Destructive chewing

Chewing is common in pups and dogs as the action helps them in a number of ways. Pups chew on

chew toys

to relieve the pain they feel because of their incoming teeth. Older dogs chew on things to keep their teeth clean and their jaws strong. However, behaviors of compulsive chewing can be spotted on paying close attention, as it occurs more frequently than it should. Separation anxiety and hunger are two other reasons that cause destructive chewing in dogs.

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