Coconut Oil For Dogs

Coconut Oil For Dogs

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Many dog owners want to know whether coconut oil is good for dogs. The concise answer is yes. Oil extracted from coconuts are suitable for canines. They help to digest food in pets and improve the dog's coat. It also stops infections. Do note, however, it is vital to follow all proper guidelines. An excess amount of coconut oil may end up with the dog getting sick.

Good molecular makeup

The benefits of coconut oil come from the fats it is made from. This oil is 90 percent saturated fats and is regarded as one of the few consumables which can be regarded as "superfood". This fat is not bad for the body. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are the secret weapon of coconut oils. It is the variety which offers a bouquet of benefits which includes improvement in digestion and immune system support. The metabolic function helps with coat health, thyroid health, weight loss, and skin health. The MCT compound is made of Palmitic acid. Lauric acid, Caprylic acid, Capric acid, and Myristic acid. Oil from coconuts also contain approximately two percent linoleic acid and approximately six percent oleic acid. The Lauric acid contains anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Both caprylic and capric acids have similar properties like lauric acid. They are known for anti-fungal efficacy.

The MCTs can be effectively metabolized to offer immediate energy and fuel source. It helps in enhancing the fitness of dogs. The coconut oil balances the thyroid in dogs. It assists overweight canines to lose weight and helps the sedentary dogs to feel energetic.

Excellent for the body

Dogs have a great deal to benefit from coconut oil. It increases canine metabolism and offers a better level of vitality and energy. It also protects the dogs from illness and speeds up the healing process. The coconut oil also reduces allergic reactions. It helps the canine to enjoy a healthy coat and skin as it clears up eczema and helps to cure dermatitis and aids flea allergies. The doggy odor gets minimized too. It treats and prevents fungal infections and yeast infections. The oil also promotes wound healing when applied topically. It can also assist with dry skin, stings, bites, and hot spots. Oil consumption leads to glossy and sleek coats. It also prevents and also treats fungal and yeast infections. Coconut oil applied topically helps to heal wounds.

Coconut oil helps to improve digestion and increases nutrient absorption. It assists with inflammatory bowel and colitis syndrome. Bad breath is reduced or even eliminated. It also helps the dog to cough. The oil helps to control and prevent diabetes and aids in ligament and arthritis problems. The oil helps to prevent disease and infection. It also helps to increase energy.

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