What Human Foods Can You Give To Fido?

What Human Foods Can You Give To Fido?


It's not uncommon for dog owners to coat medication in peanut butter and feed itย to their pooches. Canines clearly love the taste, but it's not so obvious why they do.Most

peanut butter contains fat, sugar and salt

. While dogs might enjoy it, they don't seek out salt as much as humans do because they lack salt-specific taste buds on their tongues. However, what they do have more of are fat-related taste buds. But most of these only apply to fats that come from meats, rather than vegetables or legumes.

Although humans and dogs alike love sugar, it's not the secret ingredient that keeps pooches coming back for more. Mother Nature Network explained that the high protein content and easy-to-digest makeup of peanut butter might be the best clues. Growing pups need lots of protein to stay healthy and build muscle, as well as to help replace skin and hair. In fact, eating more peanut butter could give your pooch a shiny coat.The reason dogs might love peanut butter so much is because it's hard to find sources of protein other than meat. Most non-meat foods have a starchy type of protein that can't be used easily by pooches' bodies, but peanut butter is the exception.It might not be a single, simple answer, but dogs love peanut butter for a number of reasons - salt, fat, protein. Pick some up for your pooch to coat his pills and toys!

Human foods that are safe for dogs

Everyone tries to keep their pooches healthy, but it's hard to stop them from sneaking snacks off the counter or snatching dropped food off the floor. It gets even worse if you have little children feeding canines dinner scraps underneath the table. However, there are

certain people foods that are safe for pooches

, Cesar's Way explained.Cooked chicken is full of healthy protein that can help build a strong canine. Owners can slip some into a bowl along with their pooches' regular food to add some spice to their diets. If you're ever caught without any dog food, chicken can also be a good meal replacement in a pinch.Provided your pooch isn't lactose intolerant, cheese can also be a great treat for canines. You should choose low- or reduced-fat varieties and be mindful to not overfeed him, as most cheeses are high in fat. Cesar's Way recommended cottage cheese above other types.Be sure to check with your veterinarian before giving your canine any

human foods

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