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Every pet owner can relate to the unsightly tear stains that can mat the fur on their dogs' and cats' faces. With the help of

Angels' Eyes

ย for dogs and cats, youย can clear away the buildup in a cinch.But what causes these dark streaks to appear and how can pet parents prevent them in the future?

The story behind tear staining

If you've ever owned or interacted with a friend's cat or dog, chances are good you've seen these red or brown streaks around or under the eyes. According to,

tear staining is usually caused by epiphora

, which refers to excessive tear production.The conditions can be much more apparent in light-colored coats and is prevalent in certain breeds, such as Maltese, Lhasa Apsos and Shih Tzus. Some of the medical causes of tear staining include:

  • Ingrown eyelashes
  • Eye infections
  • Unusually large tear glands
  • Poor diet.

Staining can occur whenever there's an overflow of tears onto your dog's face, either as a result of insufficient drainage, excessive production or a combination of both. Cesar's Way explained that

epiphora can be acute or chronic

on a case-by-case basis. It's comparable to getting something in your own eye that causes irritation and watery discharge, like dust or eyelashes.The red coloring is a result of accumulated porphyrin, a pigment that is found in tears and can cause skin irritation if it's never wiped away or treated. Some veterinarians may suggest

Angels' Eyes

to clear tear staining from your pet's eyes.

What can owners do?

If you notice tear staining on your cat or dog, your first step should be going to the vet. He or she can examine the eyes to make sure there's nothing foreign causing the irritation, such as eyelashes growing abnormally and facing the cornea rather than protruding outward. According to Cesar's Way, the vet may also check for symptoms of conjunctivitis, glaucoma and uveitis, which is an inflammation of the middle layer of the eye.To improve your pet's well-being, you should check their diet for any artificial food colorings or additives that might be causing allergic reactions, which couldย includeย tear stains. In addition, check your pet's eyes regularly and remove any foreign matter that could cause irritation.Pet parents should sign up for a


membership to gain access to discounted treatments like

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ย for dogs and cats to keep their furry friends as healthy as can be.

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