Celebrating Adopt a Senior Pet Month


To celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet Month this November, we'd like to share the top 5 reasons a senior pet will be an unbeatable addition to your family!
1. Lots of Tricks Up Their SleevesSenior pets already know the ropes when it comes to housetraining, shoe chewing, and everything in between. Not only do senior dogs probably already know many simple commands, they're used to following rules. Skip the accidents and go straight to a home-in-harmony.
2. Easy Living is the Name of the Game
Older pets will be happy with a more sedate lifestyle. Curl up with a book and your poised pal, intersperse with tummy rubs and ear scratches, and everyone will be happy.
3. It's All on the Table
Puppies and kittens are adorable, but boy do they grow fast -- and sometimes large! By adopting a pet already in their golden years, you'll know exactly how big / fluffy / drooly your pet will get. What's more, senior pets have grown into their personalities. You won't have to wonder if your cat will be an ankle-biter forever; you'll know after a few visits what their personality is.
4. They're Affectionate and Loving
Most senior pets who are up for adoption have been given up by a family that could no longer take care of them, or they've outlived their former pet parent. They're just waiting for a new family to love, and a new spot to call home.
5. You Can Save a Life!
Older pets are sometimes the last to be adopted. You can be their hero, and give them a second chance.
Once you've picked a new pal, here's how to transition a pet from a shelter to your home. And since your new pet should get acquainted with your veterinarian soon, bring along these 10 must-ask questions at your next vet visit.
When it comes time to add a new pet to the family, remember that senior pets can be the most loving and can form meaningful relationships in no time.
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