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Most cats love to play with balls. Since it is a cheap toy, you can buy it in bulk quantities. Toy balls come in many varieties and chances are that your cat will love any one of them. Some cats prefer one kind of ball so much that the others are ignored. A few cats play favorite with a few balls but are okay to have an occasional play-time with other kinds of balls too.

Sparkle and Sponge balls

Sparkle balls are popular among a majority of cats. These are colorful and bright pom pom tots which have little bits of tinsel sticking out of them. These balls grab the eye of the cat as the tinsel sparkles in the available light. These balls are quite light when compared with similar products like a bouncy ball. A sparkle ball makes no sound when a cat plays with it. This is a boon if you like a quiet house while you work. Your cat will love to play with a sparkle ball. The product is good for humans as your feet will not hurt if you step on them. Since they are cheap, it does not matter if the ball gets lost. You can easily buy a new one.

Sponge balls have all the advantages of sparkle balls except the flashy part. This ball, however, has one advantage over the sparkle ones: they can be thrown. The sparkles are too light to be sent flying to a distance. Both types can safely be stepped upon without any repercussions on the sole of your feet. Do note that cats are not dogs. Unlike canines, the felines do not play fetch. You may throw the ball to a far corner of the room, but you may have to walk there to retrieve the ball yourself. Your cat may completely ignore the ball.

Feather tails and ball tracks

Buy a feather tail attached balls your cat loves feathers. The ball has a small string like objects which appear like tails on them. Although multiple choices exist when it comes to this ball, buy a battery operated one. It will move by itself and is an excellent alternative for remote controlled battery operated toys. The latter looks like a mouse and whets the cat's curiosity. Another toy takes the shape of an interactive ball which has a tail. You have no compulsion to take the remote-controlled toy. Buy the battery operated-but-no-remote cheaper alternative. Your cat will love it. Many cats prefer ball track toys and owners too. The reason? They are well-built and affordable. It is also hard for the cat to lose this kind of ball. The problem is many opinionated cats may not like them. If you have not bought one for your cat, buy it and see whether your kitty likes it.

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