Cat scratch disease


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The condition can, however, turn serious for immunosuppressed people. The infection could invade their bodies and result in multiple potential syndromes. The list of conditions includes heart valve infection and encephalitis. Individuals get infected when a scratch of a cat is blended with the infected flea dirt. If the cat's claws get contaminated with the offending flea dirt, and the kitty scratches you, there is a high chance of you getting exposed to the disease. These can also be caused by cat bites. Flea is the only unifying factor. There will be no contamination of wounds sans fleas or flea dirt. Infection of this nature will not happen in the absence of fleas.Fear not, in the majority of the cases, the infected felines remain asymptomatic. It is hard for you to know when the cat became infected. Most of the infected felines do not need any kind of treatment for this disease. Treating infected felines has no effect on the possibility of the spread of disease among people. The easiest way to avoid cat scratch disease is to adopt some kind of flea control. Since this disease is spread only through fleas, it is vital to keep the kitty free of all fleas. Taking this step will protect yourself and also your family.

Avoiding cat scratch disease

You can protect yourself from cat scratch disease by avoiding bites and scratches from your cat or any other cat. It is important that you observe the body language exhibited by your cat. Knowing this will help you to recognize the changes in the body language of your cat. You will comprehend when the feline gets aggravated and thus then protect yourself from any biting or scratching. Do not play with a cat with an exposed hand. Use any toy or any suitable substitute so that you can avoid any kind of accidental scratches.Do know that infection is greater in cats yet to reach a year old. In case a family member is immuno-compromised, it is a good idea to adopt an older or mature kitty. This vastly reduces the probability of contracting the cat scratch disease. If you are a healthy adult and possess a robust immune system, you are at almost zero risks of catching this disease.

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