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A few cats have the same temperament as dogs and like to fetch. Among cat breeds, Siamese cats are more likely to exhibit dog-like behavior in this context. This does not mean other cat breeds cannot. All cats can bring back objects if they want to.For those surprised to hear that cats like to fetch, the reality is that felines have fetched items from time immemorial. Before their domestication, cats brought in food for their kittens from the wild. This is the reason why your cat brings you dead animals. It is actually "gifting" you, a mammal with zero hunting capabilities some food to eat. Your only task in the fetching game is to throw the toy and then cajole the kitten to bring back the same object. The game of fetch makes an excellent activity to slim down fat cats. A number of cats of all breeds fetch cats naturally.


You should adopt a few practices if you want your kitty to fetch things for you. Since this is for cats, the procedure is different than that of dogs. The first action to do is to give it what it wants. Majority of cats select what they want to fetch, whether that could be a catnip mouse or a paper wad or a soft sparkle ball. This could also be a specific treat. A few cats do enjoy chasing what it likes across hard floor surface and may hanker for repeat toss. It depends upon you to understand your kitty's natural behavior.It is vital to know your cat's habits. Select a time when you know your cat likes to play a game. Do not press him during its naptime. Remember that unlike dogs, cats are experts at sprint and dash. For a cat, 10 minutes is like infinity and it would want more action within that time span. Stop the time before it gets satisfied and your kitty will ask for seconds. Observe how your cat wants the ball to behave and throw accordingly. Some kitties prefer the ball to bounce while others prefer a straight throw. Understand how it enjoys the game and then join in the fun.

Connecting action with words

Do give your kitty a name. Believe it or not, cats do understand human words. Connect action to the word and repeat it until the cat associates the word with the action. To give an example, shout "fetch" after you throw the object into the distance. Your cat will bring back the object as it is trained to do so. Do reward it for all the hard work you have subjected it to. Reward it by giving it treats or toys it particularly likes. After some time, your kitty will fetch automatically, without the inducement of a toy or tasty food.

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