Caring for a Singapura cat


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Singapura cats are tiny felines with lots of energy. They are playful and love people. This behavior makes them eternal kittens-even when they are adults. If you own a Singapura cat, you must take care of not only the health of the animal but also the environment it is in. Your job is to ensure that these animals are well-fed and enjoy regular veterinary care. It is vital that the Singapura's environment is made happier with activities and toys.

Preventative care

Take your kitty to the veterinarian periodically. A minimum of one checkup once a year allows preventative care, like vaccine administration, to be injected. Checkups may also catch the beginning of a health problem prior to it getting serious. Singapura cats are susceptible to pyruvate kinase deficiency. This condition creates anemia in the cats. The first time you get a cat of the Singapura species, take it to the veterinarian.

It is important that you feed the Singapura premium quality food. Better quality food will keep the kitty healthy all its life. As cats are carnivores, animal tissue should dominate cat food. Before you buy canned cat food, read the ingredients list, and ensure that seafood or meat constitutes a major portion of the ingredients. This will make sure that you are buying a better quality food item for your cat. Do consult with the veterinarian about suggestions concerning which brand and type of food you should give to the feline. Do not give your cat food consisting mostly of grains. The body of a cat is unsuitable for processing grains. The food of your cat must also be bought as per its age. Cat food formulation is different for senior cats, adult cats, and kittens. A cat at different stages of its life has particular nutritional needs.

An adequate amount of drinking water

Clean drinking water is a must. Singapuras are active cats, and they need quick access to fresh and clean water. Dehydration will occur if these active cats do not get to drink water. You should encourage the feline to drink more by leaving multiple water bowls around the home. It is a good idea to buy a water fountain bowl. If the cat appears dehydrated and not drinking copious amounts of water, then consult your veterinarian about switching dry food given to your cat to wet food. If the cat eats wet food, the animal will get its correct quota of water. Do neuter or spay your Singapura cat. It will keep the animal healthy. Desexing procedures improves the animal's behavior and also reduces the chances of diseases occurring later in its life. Try as much as to keep your Singapura cat inside the house. Outside cats are not only vulnerable to predators; they can also ingest toxins or get parasites.

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