Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? Short Answer: read the article

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

Now you know it is fine when your toddler can sneak a strawberry to his pup during breakfast!

Strawberries are a refreshing summer fruit for both humans and their pups alike, so enjoy its remarkable health benefits, try out the recipes below, and heed our expert advice about its potential cons.

Why you should love strawberries for your dog

Strawberries are a huge source of vitamin C which is great for a dog's immune system, vitamin B6 for their muscle health, magnesium for a healthy heart, and Omega-3 that fortify their skin and coat.  A dog’s oral health improves from the teeth-whitening enzyme, malic acid, that is naturally found in strawberries.

Top health information website “Healthline” lists strawberries as one of the 22 High-Fiber Foods You Should Eat. As a high-fiber food, strawberries reduce the risk of colon cancer in dogs as fiber speeds the elimination of bad bacteria and carcinogens.

High-fiber foods aid in digestion and promote weight management, which helps to prevent canine obesity.  Though strawberries contain fewer calories, high-fiber foods like strawberries can leave dogs feeling satisfied. 

Why strawberries can be dangerous for your dog

Strawberries can cause unwanted stomach issues.  Strawberry stems and leaves are dangerous to dogs.  The leaves are very difficult to digest and strawberry stems can cause gastrointestinal obstruction. Overeating strawberries could cause gastrointestinal reactions in dogs, such as diarrhea and vomiting.  

Canned strawberries often contain canning ingredients that are toxic to dogs.  Processed strawberries (e.g., jam), man-made sweets (e.g., ice cream), and artificial strawberry flavorings (e.g., syrup) are not good for dogs because of the preservatives that are toxic to dogs or the excess sugar that can lead to canine obesity. 

The already high level of natural sugar in strawberries concerns veterinarians, such as Dr. Jennifer B. Berg.  Veterinarians say that the amount of sugar in strawberries can lead to canine obesity. 

Watch out for any allergic reactions to strawberries, just as any food item. The allergic reaction might be to the seeds or of the fruit of the flesh. Dr. Debra Zoran, a Ph.D. in canine nutrition, suggests adding strawberry extracts to your dog’s diet.  

Disclaimer: Consult with your dog’s veterinarian if you are unsure about what is safe to give your pup and about limiting the number of fresh strawberries that your dog can eat.

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