Brunch Hazards for your Pet you should Avoid at all Costs


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Now that summer is almost here, it is time to start planning those brunches. Gather your friends and family for celebratory gatherings and a whole lot of food. You know who else is going to be there at brunch? Your four-legged best friend, of course.More pet owners are including their canine and feline companions at their regular brunch sessions. While this may be another great way to bond with your pet, brunches can be a dangerous environment for your pets because of various potential hazards. You may have strict rules about feeding your pet off the table, but your guests may not necessarily follow them. Here are some brunch hazards that you should keep away from your pets.

  1. Food scraps and wrappersAfter brunch, all the scraps and wrappers go straight into the trash. This does not mean they are protected from your cat or dog. Food wrappers and scraps, especially of meat or dairy, tend to lure pets to the garbage bin. These items can cause conditions such as pancreatitis, gastroenteritis, or poisoning. Close all garbage bags after your meal and dispose of them immediately.
  2. Fruits and vegetablesCertain fruits and vegetables can be extremely toxic to cats and dogs. For example, consuming onions can lead to anemia or low blood cell count, which is extremely dangerous. Grapes and avocados are toxic as well. While these foods make great addition to your meal, it is best to not feed any vegetable or fruits to your pets.
  3. DoughDogs are naturally greedy animals, so they will eat anything. They particularly enjoy breads and cookies. Although cats are pickier, they can be persuaded sometimes. While baked dough is relatively safe, raw dough can be rather hazardous to animals. When consumed, raw dough expands inside the petโ€™s digestive system, blocking the system and causing severe discomfort and pain.
  4. FlowersFlowers make great decorations for a lovely Sunday brunch, but certain flowers are poisonous to cats and dogs. Lilies are known to cause kidney damage in cats and heart problems in dogs.
  5. Hidden hazardsWhen participating in a brunch, it can be very easy to overlook certain dangers that can harm pets. An open bag laying on the floor can tempt a curious dog or cat. It could contain prescription medications, chewing gum, plastic bags, or even cigarettes. These items are extremely dangerous and can even be fatal to your pet.It is always great to have friends and family over for brunches, but you must not overlook the dangers that could be lurking around. Keep your dogs and cats away from the brunch area using gates or crates. Make sure that coats and bags are kept away from your petsโ€™ reach. Dispose of garbage and other harmful products after your meal. Do not forget to instruct your guests to be careful as well.
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