Bringing Your Dog to Work Could Make the Office Run Smoother

Bringing Your Dog to Work Could Make the Office Run Smoother

Bringing Your Dog To Work

 Ever thought about

bringing your dog to work

? Office life can be a drag; they donโ€™t call it โ€œthe 9-to-5 grindโ€ for nothing. A typical corporate setting with confined work spaces, stressful presentations, and limited friendly interaction can quickly drain someone of their zeal for the job.That's why companies across the country are starting to thinkย creativelyย when it comes to improving office morale. One such method seeing positive results is โ€œtake your dog to work day.โ€ Certain work spaces are now allowing their employees to bring along their furry best friends with the hope that their presence will help improve the overall vibe of the office.In pet friendly offices, people get to interact with dogs throughout their day, breaking up the routine in the most cuddly way imaginable.Also, it can help humanize the employers as well -- it is hard to view your boss as a tyrant when they are

playing a game of fetch with your dog

. Some offices are implementing a

Dog Day

once a week to give employees something to look forward to, while others are keeping their doggy door open 24/7, turning their office into an all day puppy party. Either way, employees in dog-friendly offices have reported significantly lower levels of stress.Beyond that, while employees in a standard office claim to have increasing levels of stress throughout the day, people in dog-friendly offices tend to relax as the day progresses. (Center for Human-Animal Interaction at Virginia Commonwealth University, 2012). It seems bringing your dog to work calms down your coworkers! However, despite the various benefits to bringing your dog to work, only 5% of offices in America allow pets.Part of the reason for such a low number of dog-friendly work spaces is the legal ramifications of a canine-related mishap.Things to consider are employee allergies or phobias; some people feel alienated by the presence of something they fear or that physically irritates them. Another potentially complicated matter is the fact that some dogs are simply not socialized well enough to be safe in an office environment. How do you make sure that the dogs being brought in are up to the task?Opening your officeโ€™s doors to dogs requires that you place a lot of trust in your employeesโ€™ judgment.You donโ€™t want to find out too late that someoneโ€™s dog doesn't do well in crowded places when bringing your dog to work. So while the inclusion of dogs in the office is by-and-large a good thing that could make the day-to-day minutiae a little more tolerable, the fact that dogs are not universally adored, along with peopleโ€™s allergies, leads companies to play it safe and take the common stance of โ€œkeep your pets at home.โ€But if you work in an environment where there are no persons opposed to the presence of a dog on a regular basis, float the idea and see how people respond. Assuming the dog is well behaved, most people will jump at the opportunity to include a fur baby in their daily office routine.

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