These 7 Celebs Are Helping Bring Christmas to Pets in Need


Giving is a big theme this time of year, and one thing we all like to see is the charitable side of our favorite celebrities. While most celebs have a certain cause that they are passionate about, these public figures have taken up the mantle of pet rights. By helping to improve the lives of abandoned or at risk dogs and cats, these stars are all ย making this Christmas a bright one for pets everywhere.

Ellen DeGeneres
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Popular comedian-turned-talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is not shy about her love of pets. Co-founder of the Halo pet foundation and Halo brand of pet food and supplies, DeGeneres works tirelessly to provide a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for pets all over America.

Bob Barker

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Long time host of the popular game show โ€œThe Price Is Right,โ€ Bob Barker ended every episode with the memorable tag โ€œhave your pets spayed and neutered.โ€ Not only did he use his ability to address thousands of Americans every night to raise awareness of the importance of neutering, but he also started the DJ&T Foundation, which has raised millions for shelters and neutering programs across the country.

Kristen Bell

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When she isn't busy being Veronica Mars, Sarah Marshall, or Jeannie Van Der Hooven, this popular actress helps increase awareness of animal shelters and fostering programs as the spokesperson for the Helen Woodward Animal Center. She is also quite outspoken about her love of sloths!

Ian Somerhalder

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From the hit series โ€˜Lostโ€™, to the teen drama โ€˜Vampire Diaries,โ€™ Ian Somerhalder has become a household name, and is using his fame to benefit animals everywhere. The founder of the self-titled Ian Somerhalder Foundation, his charity works to support pet adoption and no-kill shelters all across America, and are currently raising money for a homeless shelter for abandoned pets.

Sarah McLachlan


Arguably the most outspoken pet advocate on the list, Sarah McLachlan has partnered with the ASPCA, making what are quite possibly the most tear-jerking and heart-wrenching series of advertisements on TV, raising over 30 million dollars for the charity.

Betty White

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From the Mary Tyler Moore Show to Golden Girls, Betty White has been in living rooms across America for over 40 years, and has been active in pet rights for the better part of it. Chairperson on a number of pet rights organizations, from the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association and the Morris Animal Foundation, Whiteโ€™s influence has helped raise countless donations for these organizations.

Emmylou Harris

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This world-renowned folk singer is quite possibly the most hands-on when it comes to helping out our furry friends. Turning part of her Nashville estate into a functioning animal shelter known as โ€œBonaparteโ€™s Retreat,โ€ Harris helped save the lives of hundreds of dogs that would have otherwise been euthanized.

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