Are You Reducing Your Dogโ€™s Life? Find Out Now


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We all want our pet friends to lead long, healthy and happy lives. This is why we make every possible effort to feed them nourishing foods, take them for walks, play ball with them and just give them a lot of love on a daily basis.Research suggests that the busy lifestyles of modern pet owners often cause them to ignore some basic care measures which may elongate their dogโ€™s lifespan. Being aware of these measures could help correct the situation and allow your dog lead a long, healthy life.

  1. Ignoring obesity in your dogSeveral dog owners allow their pets to gain a lot of weight and this could eventually lead to the onset of diseases and other serious medical problems. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention informs that approximately 53 percent of the dogs are categorized as overweight. Further, the majority of the dog owners (95 percent) are unaware of this fact and believe that their dogs are within the normal weight range.A good way to keep your dogโ€™s weight in check is to reduce the quantities of human food offered to them and properly monitor their kibble intake. It is also important to increase the exercise routine of the pet, even if it means being more creative and including a greater amount of play activities.
  2. Missing pet visitsThere are some dog owners who feel that taking their pet buddies to the vet is a waste of money and time, especially if they seem absolutely healthy. Just like human beings, there are multiple symptoms of illness in dogs which cannot be spotted by the naked eye. Another problem with animals is that they cannot verbally communicate how and what they feel from the inside. So if you skip the annual pet visit, you might end up with a dog that has some undiagnosed ailment/disease which actually requires proper treatment.
  3. Ignoring dental careAccording to the American Humane Society, 85 percent of the dogs over 5 years of age are diagnosed with periodontal disease. The accumulation of food particles and bacteria in the gums is the primary cause of periodontal disease and could lead to various health issues like kidney infections and heart valve problems. Therefore, ignoring dental care in your pet isnโ€™t a good idea if you wish for them to live a long, healthy life.
  4. Exposure to second-hand smokeIf you thought that only humans suffered as a result of exposure to second-hand smoke, think again. Medical research suggests that a dogโ€™s lungs arenโ€™t built to handle smoke and the exposure could result in various kinds of respiratory issues and increased risk of cancer.
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