Are you Ready to be a Pet Parent?

Are you Ready to be a Pet Parent?

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Are you thinking of bringing a cat or a dog home because you want to enrich your life with the experience of having a pet? Your life takes a turn for the better because you get a friend who brings endless companionship and joy into your life.However, how do you know if you have what it takes to be a pet parent? To give a complete picture, here are some questions you need to answer before you make the jump and get a pet home:

Are you living in a property which is pet-friendly?

There are a lot of condominiums and apartments where the associations have strict rules about having pets. Some of them place restrictions on the size of the pet, while others donโ€™t allow them at all. As you are planning to get a pet, you should find out about the terms and conditions of the place you reside. If the rules donโ€™t allow you to bring a pet home, you might have to consider moving to a new locality, which gives you more freedom.

Do you have the necessary finances to support your pet?

Although you donโ€™t require tremendous amounts of money to take care of your pet, it will still put a strain on your budget. Every month, you have to spend on purchasing the necessary supplies, such as food, toys, and cleaning products. You have to make at least two to three trips to the vet every year, to get the necessary vaccinations, health checkups, and grooming.

Is your work schedule hectic every day?

When you get a pet, you need to spend quality time with it every day, to keep it and yourself happy. You have to spend time with the pet, to teach it the rules of your house. Also, if you adopt a dog, you need to take it for walks as soon as you wake up, in the evening, and before you hit the sack. Even if you get a cat, you have to spend time with it, as it needs your company.

Is your house close to a highway or intersection?

If your house is near an intersection or highway, then you need to take the necessary steps to keep your pet safe from traffic. If you get a dog, you need to have a fence in your yard to prevent your canine from escaping. Cats should only be allowed to go outside with a safety harness.

What is your game plan if you find out that you or a family member is allergic to the pet?

It is quite common for owners to find out that they are allergic to pets only after they bring them home. What is your plan of action if you find yourself in this situation? Are you going to give away your pet or will you find an alternative to keep your friend?By answering these questions, you will get to know if you are ready to be a pet parent. Do you have any questions about this subject? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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