Are You Loving Your Pet to Death?


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Do you have a pet? Do you love your pet a lot? Are you always trying to ensure your pet gets the best of everything, is never in pain, and always seems happy? It is great if you are, but ensure that you are not unknowingly harming your pet by loving it too much. Is it possible you may be doing more harm than good by loving your pet a bit too much?

Ways your love might be harming your pet
  • Skipping vet visits and regular check-ups: Many pets do not like vet visits. Being crated up, being touched and handled by strangers, being giving foul-tasting medicine, being given stinging injections can all be extremely unpleasant experiences for your pet. They may scream, howl, or show their discomfort in other ways.As a pet parent, it can be painful to look at your pet going through this experience every few months, but it is essential to get regular check-ups done. By enduring a little discomfort, if you can ensure that your pet stays healthy, it surely is worth it.
  • Overfeeding or feeding human food: in many homes, it is common for pets to be given human food. Often, pets are given scraps from your plate when you are eating and they come begging for food. Although you may think that you are making your pet happy by sharing your food with it, most human food can be quite harmful, or even toxic, for pets. Another mistake pet owners make is to feed the pet whenever it asks for food instead of sticking to a schedule.Both of these habits can make your pet overweight and cause a number of illnesses, including arthritis, diabetes, kidney problems, among others. It is best to stick to pet food in controlled portions.
  • Not letting your pets run around: This is a common mistake that many dog owners in particular make. When you get a small puppy home, it is very tempting to hold it, carry it around, snuggle with the pup, and keep it with you all the time. Although this bonding is great, it means that the pup will grow up to be a dog that wants to be carried around all the time as well. It will also mean that the dog might have extreme separation anxiety and may not socialize well with other dogs.It is always a good idea to let your pets run around, meet others of their own kind, and be at least somewhat independent of you.It is common to get carried away when you love your pet a lot, but it is essential to know that a little discomfort or distance from you can go a long way in keeping your beloved pet healthy and endure a long life.
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