Are you Committing these Common Dog Training Mistakes?


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Training your dog so that he/she is a good boy/girl is crucial, as it determines how your furry friend will behave in the future. Since you want the best for your canine, you want everything to go according to plan.

However, the problem is that you may commit training mistakes that are common among pet owners. If you don't take appropriate action to correct these errors highlighted below, it will become a significant problem in the future:

Inconsistent training

When it comes to training your dog, consistency is crucial. If you give mixed signals, it confuses the canine. On top of that, you run the risk of reinforcing bad behavior in your dog, even though that wasnโ€™t your attention.

Letโ€™s take an example to understand the problem with inconsistent training. For instance, you make it a rule that your dog shouldnโ€™t sleep on the guest bed. There are times when you feel he/she looks cute when he/she breaks the rule.

However, one time you discipline your dog, as it slept on the guest bed. In this situation, the canine wonโ€™t know what it did wrong, as you did allow it to break the rule.

Not practicing enough

Another dog training mistake that owners make is the lack of practice. You enroll your canine for obedience training, where it learned how to respond to different commands. After this class, you didnโ€™t practice the skills it acquired for more than six months

The next time you say a command, you observe that the dog doesnโ€™t listen. You have to repeat yourself multiple times, for the canine to perform the intended action. When you donโ€™t practice regularly, your dogโ€™s memory becomes rusty.

On top of that, when you repeat yourself multiple times, this becomes the cue, rather than the single word.

Waiting for the right moment to start training

Several owners believe there is a specific time when they can start training their dogs. However, this is a mistake, as there is a possibility that it will learn bad habits. As a result, you will spend more time teaching the dog not to do certain things.

You should avoid doing this by training the canine the moment you bring it home. The goal is to teach the dog good habits so that you wonโ€™t have any problems related to discipline in the future. When your canine is a puppy, you should stick with basic commands and house training.

Once the dog becomes older, it will have a stronger bond with you. Now, you can start teaching it advanced tricks. Avoid committing these common dog training mistakes, so that your canine picks up the right habits. Do you know other things that owners do that reinforce bad behavior? Let us know below!

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