4 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Pet

4 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Pet

Our pets are more than just pets; they are our best friends, constant companions, and instant mood-lifters. Many pet parents proclaim their love for their four-legged friends by making them their cell phone background, placing a bumper sticker on their car, or even getting a


, but weโ€™ve found some other creative ways to celebrate your pet, and they make great gifts, too!ย If youโ€™re artistic, you could even try making some of these creative projects at home!

1. Personalized Pet Paintings

What could be better than a custom artwork featuring your favorite furball? Artist Nicole Momaney works from photos to create unique and beautiful paintings that have caught the attention of

Apartment Therapy

and other media outlets. โ€œPaying homage to our loyal sidekicks in life through a painting makes for a very special gift that is sure to be treasured,โ€ Nicole says. Her paintings start at $150 a piece, and thatโ€™s not bad for a lovely piece of pet art that will last a lifetime. Head over to her

Painted Pet Menagerie

Facebook page to see more of Nicoleโ€™s paintings and request one of your own.

2. Professional Pet Photos

We all snap photos of our pets on our phones, but thereโ€™s nothing quite like a pet portrait by a professional who knows how to bring out the best in your buddy. Kim Rodgers from

Bark Pet Photography

has gained plenty of praise for her charming pet photographs -- everyone from

The Wall Street Journal


People Magazine

has taken notice. โ€œProfessional pet photos are more than just capturing a moment in time,โ€ Kim says. โ€œThey capture a bond between two species." Photos start at $450 for a touched-up, color-corrected set of 25, plus an online proofing gallery of 50-100 images.

3. Paw-Tastic Paw Prints

Welcoming a new pet into the family, celebrating a petโ€™s birthday, honoring a petโ€™s achievement, or looking for a way to preserve happy memories?

ClayPawsยฎ Print kits

make it easy to create lasting keepsakes of your petโ€™s paw prints. All of the kits contain a non-toxic modeling compound, a storage bag, and directions, and most also include ribbons and charms for decoration. "Like a childโ€™s handprint, each ClayPawsยฎ print captures the unique markings of a petโ€™s paw,โ€ says Laurel Lagoni, co-owner and Director of Resources and Development. โ€œA ClayPawsยฎ print preserves the memories of special times shared with a pet.โ€ Kits start at $12, and you can buy them at the

Veterinary Wisdom website


4. Pretty Pet Pendants

We all wear our love for our pets on our sleeves, but you can also wear it around your neck or wrist with personalized jewelry, like that available at theย 


ย Etsy shop. Each custom pet piece has a hand-stamped paw print plus your petโ€™s name. You can even get multiples names if you have multiple pets -- the more the merrier! โ€œThe unconditional love your pet has for you is like no other,โ€ says Cisco Cosgrove, owner of StampedUnderTheMoon. โ€œA personalized necklace helps you celebrate your pet and show the world that you love them just as much." Necklaces start at around $38.

PetPlus is another creative way to celebrate your pet -- members get savings on vet visits, medications, boarding, and more! Check it out at PetPlus.com.
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