Are Female Domestic Cats Right-Handed? Letโ€™s See What Research Has to Say

Are Female Domestic Cats Right-Handed? Letโ€™s See What Research Has to Say

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Cats are very intelligent creatures. They surprise us every day in many different ways. Unlike dogs, they donโ€™t give their attention freely and tend to favor their own company more. A recent study has found that female domestic cats prefer their right hand over their left while male cats prefer their left over their right. Itโ€™s very useful for us as pet parents to know what paw our cats prefer. In another study, researchers discovered that in canines, dogs who prefer their left limb more are more pessimistic in their overall demeanor than dogs who prefer their right limb.

What did the research involve?

The research involved the study of 44 different cats. They found that when it came to paw preference, the female cats preferred their right paws more than their left and the males preferred their left. The study was conducted by Queenโ€™s University, located in Belfast.The study found that most cats preferred a certain paw when they walked down the stairs, reached for food, or stepped over objects. Their paw preference was consistent in most of the tasks that they did. While most male cats gave preference to their left paw, the female cats were more inclined to their right.

What could limb preferences indicate?

A certain catโ€™s limb preference could indicate to her vulnerability to stress. The cats were all studied from their homes so they could go about their daily lives as normal. The researchers collected a lot of data concerning whether the cats used their left or right paws to do essential tasks like go up and down the stairs or pick up food. They also studied which side they preferred to sleep on. After through research, they have concluded that itโ€™s important for pet parents to know their catโ€™s limb preferences so they can gauge whether the cat is overly stressful in certain situations or not. Animals that were more inclined to their left paw were documented to be more susceptible to stress and seemed more flighty than animals who were more inclined to their right paw.The reasons behind why male and female cats prefer different paws has not yet been established and the researchers are still looking at different possibilities that could have contributed to this. The most common theory however, is that the preference is mainly liked to hormones. Dr. Deborah Wells, a doctor who was part of the study said that the difference in paw preference in male and female felines serve to further prove that there are fundamental differences in the basic neural architecture of female and male animals.Whatever the case may be, cats will always, to some point, remain a mystery and thatโ€™s why we love them so much.

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