49 Dogs Uncovered From Hoarder - What Happens Next Will Make Your Day

49 Dogs Uncovered From Hoarder - What Happens Next Will Make Your Day

Hoarding has received a lot of attention recently, what with

TV shows

dedicated to taking an inside look at the lives of people that are seemingly incapable of throwing things away.While we tend to view the condition as unhygienic, it rarely seems dangerous - just groups of people surrounded by gigantic stacks of newspapers, pizza boxes, and happy meal toys. Sadly, that is not always the case.In

Texas on Monday

, a woman was discovered with

49 dogs in her possession

- some as young as two months old. ย When the rescuers fromTexas Humane Heroesย showed up, they were revolted by the squalid conditions these dogs were kept in - one dog even needed to be placed on an IV right on the spot.

How does someone end up with 49 dogs?

The old-fashioned way.What likely started out as a modest family of dogs eventually spiraled into litter upon litter of mewling puppies thanks to the owner's inability to prevent her dogs from breeding. Thanks to this rapid influx of dogs, their owner ended up being incapable of providing these dogs with the care and attention they need.At the time of the Humane Societyโ€™s intervention, nearly all the dogs present were riddled with fleas and ticks, unvaccinated, sick, and โ€œ

anatomically unchangedโ€ - all things the Texas Humane Heroes now have to tackle. And with 49 dogs now added to their roster, things are starting to get a little tight over at Texas Humane Heroes.

Want to Help Out?


Ronica and Sandy at Texas Humane Heroes

 While the dogs are still not quite ready for adoption, the shelter plans on using social media to alert the masses when these dogs are cleaned up and prepped for their forever homes. Until that time, no-kill non-profit shelters like this are only able to handle large jobs, such as taking on 49 new dogs, with help from people like you. Whether it be a

donation of time or money

, anything you can do to lighten their load is greatly appreciated. For more information, check out their site at



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