Animal Rights Org. Seizes Homeless Man's Dog - Good or Bad?

Animal Rights Org. Seizes Homeless Man's Dog - Good or Bad?

Anyone who considers themselves a pet lover should want the very best for every dog and cat on Earth;


in every bowl,

a bed

to call their own, and

everything else they need

to be happy and healthy. But what of the scores of homeless men and women that find companionship in the unconditional love of a stray dog?Heaven knows that these dogs are not getting the kind of routine medical care needed to keep them healthy, but neither are their caregivers. And they are certainly getting more care than if they were on their own. Is our responsibility to ensure the well being of all dogs enough to trump the deep bond formed between a stray and his homeless compatriot?For the French organization

Cause Animale Nord

, the answer in an resoundingย โ€˜Yes.โ€™See here as the president of Cause Animale Nord, Anthony Blanchard, wrestles a puppy away from a homeless man.

Man Steals Dog From Homeless Man

Without question, the video is difficult to watch. And it is also without question that the method by which they seized the dog from the homeless man was callous and unfeeling.However, if you separate their haphazard and heartless execution from the action itself, are they doing the right thing? It is true that the dog would almost definitely experience a longer and higher quality of life if he is removed from the care of the homeless man.That is,

if the dog gets adopted

.The dog was already receiving care, albeit limited, from a person who had a bond with him. Is it any personโ€™s place to intervene in that? The Cause Animale Nord made the case that the dog

had not been vaccinated

and was therefore going againstย French law. But what happens after they get the dog vaccinated? There is no way an organization would pay to inoculate a dog just to send them back out on the street.They also claimed that the dog was

being drugged by the homeless man

, which certainly casts a different light on the events in the video above. But what about the homeless men and women who simply keep a stray for company without dosing them with narcotics? This organization is formed to remove those dogs as well.So where do we draw the line? Do we work to rehome all dogs, regardless of their attachment to someone who may be unable to provide adequate care? Or do we respect the deep bond of a stray and theirย homeless companion?

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