Animal Bullying And Protecting Pet Rights


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Animal bullying is no different than bullying and it is seen as a crime. Physical violence on animals makes them psychologically unstable and prone to abnormal behavior. Some animals show signs of extreme rage while others show signs of withdrawal and fear. And often, such animals are deemed as dangerous for people to be around. But is it really the animals fault when all it does is react to the physical and psychological torture that has been inflicted on him?The question that needs to be asked is โ€œwhy do some people show such violent behavior towards animals?โ€ Studies have found that bullies donโ€™t just bully animals but do the same thing with people as well.

Animal bullies are a threat for everyone

Research has shown that individuals who enjoy torturing animals are five times more likely to exhibit violent behavior towards people than other bullies. They are often involved in domestic violence cases and includes beating up children. From where the aggression comes is a matter of debate and many have associated it with psychological instability. Such people have an inborn desire for hurting animals and resort to sadistic pleasures to satisfy themselves.Bullying includes hitting, kicking and even burning animals deliberately to derive pleasure from the act. According to PETA, such acts happen on a daily basis and individuals who do it are no better than criminals.

Protecting pet rights

It is important to have pet rights because without them it will be impossible to keep a track of bullies and animal abusers. Most countries have established rules and regulations that protect pets from abuse. It also extends to animals used for research, breeding and meat. However, the laws are not as stringent for them as it is for other animals.People who support animal rights believe that animals have a value that cannot be compared to the value of humans. In the last decade, animal rights have become a social movement as more and more people come out in support of the cause. According to supporters, it is prejudice that separates the rights of one animals from the other. Such prejudices must be abolished and every animal should share a similar right to live.


Animals have rights and it is everyoneโ€™s duty to protect them. Especially from bullies who think it is fun to torture animals. Bullies are a threat to the society and must be prevented from indulging in sadistic acts. Protecting animal rights is a collective effort and organizations like PETA have already shown how to do it. Everyone should be aware of the laws that protect pets in their residential country and should vouch to help animals who desperately need help.

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