AMAZING: Dog Saves Choking Owner with Heimlich Maneuver



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Saving Ms. Brooke

Dizzy from loss of air, Sharon Brooke began to lose consciousness as she choked on a piece of toast. โ€œI started to panic. I was frightened to death,โ€ said Brooke, convinced that she was going to be done in by a slice of bread.

Luckily, Lucy the Labrador-Spaniel cross came to her rescue. Racing across the kitchen after sensing her masterโ€™s distress, Lucy jumped up and hit Sharon on her back, dislodging the fatal food and saving her mommyโ€™s life.


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โ€œI was scrambling for the phone but I would not have made it. I was really struggling to breathe. I could feel myself turning blue,โ€ said Brooke.

And while the situation ended up alright, Brooke is still incredibly lucky - especially considering that Lucy has never received any kind of special training. Somehow, she knew that a firm whack on Sharonโ€™s back would be enough to shake loose whatever was causing her owner to choke.

...but that's not all!

Whatโ€™s more, this is not the first time that Lucy saved her ownerโ€™s life in a miraculous manner.

Four years earlier, Sharon Brooke found herself in the throes of a diabetic attack. Weak and on the verge of fainting, Lucy once again sprang into action. Arguably more miraculous that her recent rescue, Lucy somehow managed to get her paws on a Mars Bar, bringing it over to her hypoglycemic mama just before she drifted off into a diabetic coma.

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How Lucy knew exactly what to do in both instances is still a bit of a mystery. We know dogs can be trained to perform some miraculous tasks, but it seems that both times Lucy saved her ownerโ€™s life, she was acting based on what she thought needed to be done, not what she was taught.

Lucy's uncanny ability to appropriately respond to unusual - and life threatening - scenarios gives us some insight into our dogsโ€™ ability to intuit our behavior. And while Lucyโ€™s story should not lead you to think that every dog will know what to do in an emergency situation, it does beg the question -- just how much do we underestimate our dogsโ€™ abilities?

Chances are it is more than we think.

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