Always Hungry Cat

Always Hungry Cat

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Your cat may hover beside you during its mealtimes. Kitties could be demanding when they are hungry. They expected to be served as fast as possible. Felines, however, are not motivated by food as much as dogs. This means if the cat always acts hungry and begs for food most of the time, then there could be a medical issue. If you know when and how cats get hungry, it will be easier for you to repeat your kitty troubles to the veterinarian.

Time and place

Your cat is much smarter than you think. If you give food to your cat at an exact time every day, then it will figure out its meal times. This is the reason your cat cries and meows at you until you put food in its bowl. Do not worry, the cat is not starving, but it is hungry. Like a human, the cat's brain tells the body to eat, and since you are the one who provides it food, the cat will come to you. The reason your cat cries and meows is that it is afraid that you may forget to give it food.

Whatever you do, it is not a good idea to show your cat where you hide its treats. If the cat knows where the delicious treats are and observes you standing there, it could come to that place and begin to cry for a treat. Do note that cats memorize noise and associate noise with action. Even shaking the treat bag in a room will make the cat come running. This is specifically applicable for a happy sound like the possibility of a treat bag being held. The same holds true if your cat gets to eat it should not and likes it much better than cat food. For example, if they get to eat fried chicken, the animal will always want that piece of deliciousness. You will have a hard time breaking this habit. Cats are similar to humans and find it hard to resist any temptation. It means you should secure your food before you leave the table. Your cat will steal if you give it inadequate amounts of food for some reason. This stealing can be partially stopped by giving it more food during mealtimes.

Fast eating Some cats eat swiftly. This is particularly true for cats which are forced to fight or compete for food with other cats. Such cats growl while eating and even swallow what they are given without eating it. This behavior is common with cats who were previously feral or strays. It is also applicable for kitties coming from a big litter. In short, cats which grew up in a limited food environment eat quickly. This may make them hungry faster.

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