All you need to know about the Belgian Sheepdog

All you need to know about the Belgian Sheepdog

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The Belgian Sheepdog or Belgian Tervuren is a high maintenance canine, but they are worth the trouble. Their name comes from a village in Belgium where they first originated in the latter part of the 19th century. The Belgian Sheepdog is an intelligent and energetic animal. The Tervuren is medium sized and makes an excellent protector. They also bring superb obedience, flyball, herding, and agility traits to the owner. They can also work as therapy animals, along with search and rescue canines. They usually require a job so that they remain occupied in some task or the other.

War dogs and identification

The Belgian Teurhaven proved to be a vital resource during the First World War where Allied forces used the animal to transport messages under the line of fire. They also functioned as guard or sentry dogs. The sheepdog even pulled heavy guns through muddy fields along front lines.The Belgian Sheepdog can be easily identified by its long black coat. The animal has lots of hair, especially in the area of the neck. This thick coat extends to the tail and to the back of the legs. Although the animal has huge quantities of fur, maintenance is easy. It is recommended that you brush the beautiful coat a minimum of two times every week. During seasonal shedding, the brush should be used for a maximum of three times every week. The body of the dog is a squarish body with the head like a wedge. Similar to other shepherd dogs, the Belgian Sheepdog moves in big circles and rarely in a straight line.

Active canines

As said before, the Belgian Sheepdog must be kept active. If not, these dogs become destructive as they are a hyperactive species. They are shy and nervous in the presence of strangers. Choose a Terhuven only if you have a big house and have enough time to practice the canine. These dogs are unsuitable for first-time owners or any owner who cannot offer adequate exercise or time. These animals need lots of mental simulation and long walks,The plus point of owning such dogs that if the Belgian Sheepdog gets proper sleep or rest, they make superb companion animals and watchdogs. A Terhuven can form lifetime bonds with the family or could be loyal to its owner. They are clearly intelligent and could be easily trained. Like other dogs, these canines suffer health problems like progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia. The Belgian Sheepdog will be an excellent companion for kids. Remember that this breed has herding mentality, and if not properly trained can snap at humans. I. Conversely, he will fight hard to protect you from shady elements.

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