All You Need To Know About Teacup Cats


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A teacup cat is one animal which will capture the heart of anyone who sees it. They are extremely adorable due to their miniature appearance. The breeding practices which make this animal a cute one may actually result in a number of health problems for the kitty. The health complication which will invariably arise will also pain you, the owner. You must know a few facts about a teacup cat before you buy one.


Teacup cats are felines bred to be as tiny as possible. They are about two-thirds of the size of the normal adult cat. An adult cat may weigh as little as five pounds. The ideal teacup cat is bred by mating an undersized male with an undersized female. However, not all offspring are the same. Some are naturally cute, while others may look undernourished and have a stunted appearance. The second category may have health concerns and genetic disorders.

Mature and small

Teacup kittens will not grow whatever you feed them. They will have the same tiny size even in their adulthood. Their smallness leads many people to form an emotional attachment with these adorable kitties. This does not mean the teacup cats are devoid of personality. Far from it. They have so much personality that many families regard them as members of their household. These cats are jolly and love to have fun. In short, they bring happiness to every family.

Special care includes bath and brush

A regular bath and brush are a must for a teacup kitty. This is because their fur is similar to a soft-cotton which must be handled with adequate love and care. If due care is not taken, the fur will be knotted and the skin becomes tender. This increases the stress within their small body system.

Health risks

The cuteness of the teacup cat also makes them vulnerable to a few health problems. These problems are maxed out due to the small size of the cat. To give an example, the snub nose of a Persian cat makes this breed highly vulnerable to chronic respiratory issues, like asthma along with a number of other breathing difficulties. These cats are also susceptible to eye and nose infections. Most cats of this characteristic cannot properly chew food. It means there is an increased incidence of polycystic kidney disease. Smaller kidneys only maximize the risk.

They are Persian cats

Teacup cats fall into the Persian cat category. They have all the characteristics found in normal sized cats of the Persian variety. This cats have an excellent temperament and are friendly towards children. Teacup cats love to play with children and this makes them ideal for family cats.

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