A Dog That Can Read?! Watch This Video and See

A Dog That Can Read?! Watch This Video and See

Every day, dogs are breaking down barriers and proving themselves more intelligent than previously thought. We have all seen the videos of dogs that perform a series of incredibly complex commands.No? Well,

check it out here

. Itโ€™s pretty amazing.

Jumpy - The Worldโ€™s Most Intelligent Dog

Acrobatics aside, the fact that Jumpy is able to understand all those disparate commands, let alone perform them, is positively unbelievable. It is this level of training that has made it possible to entrust dogs with crucial responsibilitiesย like being

rescue dogs


service dogs


military dogs

, or

seeing eye dogs

.All that considered, are you ready to see the next level of canine intelligence?Recently, trainers were able to get Jordan the

black lab

to recognize and respond to two different words - "sit" and "down."

Jordan Can Read

Yes, itโ€™s only two words - โ€œsitโ€ and โ€œdown,โ€ so it isnโ€™t like Jordan is going to be signing up for a library card anytime soon, but it is a fairly tremendous stride for finding ways to

communicate with dogs

.Follow me here - if a dog is capable of recognizingย simple words, and the difference in meaning between them, it stands to reason that a well trained dog may soon be able to convey their wants and needs in a way we can actually understand.Point being, once more dogs are taught to read simple words, and once a device is created that dogs can use, it wonโ€™t be long before we are getting texts or emails from our dogs saying things like โ€œfoodโ€ or โ€œwalk.โ€

Boy, wonโ€™t that get old fast?fifi-text

Source:ย https://www.thedodo.com/dog-learns-to-read-1257955061.html

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