A Christmas Miracle: Dog Rescued From Icy Charles River


Firefighters are calling it a "Christmas Miracle" after a Golden Retriever was rescued on Sunday from the icy depths of the Charles River in Wellesley, Massachusetts.According to WHDH, Police received a distraught 911 call from a woman at the Elm Bank Reservation who said that her 5-year-old Golden Retriever Crosby had fallen through the ice.The pair had been walking in a remote part of the reservation when Crosby ran out onto the frozen river. His owner tried to call him back, but the dog fell through and became trapped by thick blocks of ice.The rescue team rushed to the scene as Crosby frantically paddled, trying to keep his head above water for over 20 minutes. Decked in a cold water suit, Firefighter Dave Papazian andย Fire Lt. Paul Delaney swam 50 yards offshore to retrieve the frightened pup."I went into the water and swam out breaking ice to the dog. We helped break more ice to get back to shore. They pulled us in with rope and we were able to get the dog up onto shore,โ€ Delaney said.The dog was shaken, but is expected to be okay. He was reunited with his family a short time after the perilous rescue.

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