9-Year-Old Starts a No-Kill Shelter in His Garage

9-Year-Old Starts a No-Kill Shelter in His Garage


Meet Ken.


He is 9 years old, enjoys playing soccer, and has been running a no-kill shelter out of his garage for the past six months.

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After learning about the shockingly large amount of dogs that donโ€™t make it out of local shelters (only 20-30% of people coming to reclaim their lost dog, leaving the rest to wait to be re-homed, or put down due to lack of resources), this little boy from the Philippines decided to make it his mission to chip away at that number. And while many people are just as outraged, few have taken such a direct approach to fixing the problem.


Kenโ€™s DIY shelter may have started from the humble beginnings, but after a few images of him feeding and taking care of these stray dogs went viral, donations started to pour in from all across the globe. โ€œWe got enough money to get the dogs I was feeding off the street, feed them high quality canned food, and provide them with veterinary care,โ€ Ken said on his website.


Before Ken captured the hearts of people across the internet, his shelter was little more than a retrofitted garage and some dogs in need. โ€œMy father asked his friend and both he and his friend turned our garage into a small pet shelter...Our small animal shelter has a wall to keep our own dogs from getting mange from [the strays].โ€


Now that Ken and co. have the support they needed, they have recently expanded their operation by moving to an official location. โ€œOn May 1, 2014, I leased a 10,000 sq. ft. lot for a year. It cost $1,500. I donโ€™t have enough money yet to populate the shelter with dogs but hopefully I can do that soon.โ€


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Source:ย Bored Panda - 9-Year-Old Boy Created a No-Kill Animal Shelter in His Garage
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